The Best 2017 Hen Party Games

There are so many fun hen party games that ladies can enjoy at hen parties. This is especially true during wedding party season where women come up with all sorts of fabulous entertainment during the parties the preclude their nuptials.

These hen do games are enjoyable for guests especially because they are bringing presents to someone’s big day. The hen party games help the women enjoy some time for bonding. So, it goes without saying that these hen do games should be chosen with care.

One of the best games to play at a bridal shower is the unwrapping present game. The gift for one attendee is underneath many, many layers of wrapping paper. Each woman has a chance to unwrap a layer until the person finally gets the present. This is fun for the guests because at these parties they sit around watching the hostess unwrap her gifts.

Another fun game is that all the party guests get to guess who gave a certain present that has been unwrapped by the bride to be. Then someone keeps each person’s score, and the winner gets a gift certificate. This makes the unwrapping process a lot more interactive for all the guests.

Guests at these hen does enjoy games that involve tasting. The hostess will have purchased small versions of various interesting flavored cakes. Then she cuts them all up into samples. The ladies each get to try one or two of the cakes pieces blindfolded (depending on the amount of guests), and then they offer up their guess as to what flavor the piece of cake is. Do not let the forks touch the plates after the person has guessed. Then at the end of the game, the ladies have a chance to keep their cake or trade up for the flavor of cake that one of the guests have. The hen game ends when everyone has had a chance to trade, and then the ladies are stuck eating the slice they end off the game with.

There are endless possibilities for these fun hen party games. This selection though is sure to enchant all the participants because the games are rewarding and easy to play.

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