An unforgettable experience: A LIFE DRAWING HEN PARTY

There are many ways to WOW your bride and gang before her big day. However, there are better ways than an afternoon of tea, day at the spa, or drunken bar adventure. Sure, you can create a girly treasure hunt, take a cooking class, or attend a stressful photo shoot but the best suggestion for making the most memorable and ultimately unforgettable experience: A LIFE DRAWING HEN PARTY!
So, you want to provide an exhilarating, unforgettable, slightly naughty, eccentric experience that will leave you and your friends laughing for years to come? The initial thought of a life drawing hen party sounds a little “cheeky” but this event may release the perfect amount of fun and excitement needed before your main chick gets hitched! (The event may even dampen more than your paint brush if you know what I mean).

Most hen parties share a talented young, charming, sexy model who bares it all while adding humorous innocent jokes and delivering funny poses for the group. The tutor and artistic birthday suitor create an experience full of uninhibited freedom and uncovered spontaneity through safe exposed creative fun. Some models allow for pose requests, use masks, or offer certain props to be used in their part. Oh, it doesn’t hurt when adult beverages are added in the mix!
Your fellow amateur portraitists take their own hen party life drawing home and forever remember the amusing and creative experience. Each individually created canvas provides more than a hunk of matter. Your friends safely and openly enjoy a workshop with a naked, attractive model before the main chick joins into matrimony. What else provides a better girls night out that also gives a fresh perspective for her your girl’s new life canvas she’s about to endure!

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