Life Drawing Hen Party Ideas Cheap

If you are planning some cheap hen party ideas and are looking for ideas of something different then a life drawing hen party session could be just the thing that you are looking for. These sessions usually last for a couple of hours so they are ideal for holding in the afternoon before a big hen night out. Even if you have no drawing experience then this can still be a very enjoyable experience
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As part of the hen do games life drawing session, you will receive all the equipment you need such as paper and pencils. As well as the model, there will also be a tutor. The tutor will explain everything that is going to take place during the session and can also help you with your drawing as the session takes place. You will be given the chance to practice your drawing before the model enters the room and the tutor will be on hand to make sure that the session is fun for everyone involved.

Where Is The Session Held?

The session can be held anywhere that you will have complete privacy. This is to ensure that the cheap hen party ideasmodels get the privacy that they deserve. When you are choosing your venue you need to make sure that there is enough room for the drawing equipment to be set up for all the hens and the model will also enough space to be comfortable.

What If I Can’t Draw?

This is not an issue as the aim of the party is just to have fun. There will be a tutor on hand to help you with some tips and no one is expecting a masterpiece. Life drawing hen parties are about the experience rather than the quality of the drawing. Just relax and have fun and your final drawing may even be better than you expected. You may discover that some of your friends have a hidden talent!

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Will The Model Be Nude?

The model will usually be nude but you can request that they are covered up if you prefer. The model that poses for you will be very experienced in life modeling and they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. The model will pose tastefully and there is nothing sleazy about the fact that they are naked. The aim of the tutor and model is to make sure that the hen has a good a time as possible.

Hen party life drawing is something that is becoming more popular and could be just the thing to get the party that you are planning started with a bang. The drawings that you do will be a keepsake from the day so that you are able to look back with memories of what a great time you had. The hen can expect to receive some special treatment but this is not something that they have to worry about as nothing will take place which could embarrass the hen.

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